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Eclipse Magnetics

NO running costs or consumables The BoilerMag uses the same powerful 9000 Gauss rare earth magnets as our other magnetic filters, which means it extracts all magnetic and para-magnetic contamination, including black sludge, from heating and cooling systems with NO running costs and NO consumables. Contamination particles down to less than a micron in size are removed. ''Easy-clean'' Units are easy to install and, thanks to the ‘easy-clean’ system adopted from our magnetic separators, cleaning is quick and simple. 3 year warranty The BoilerMag is covered by our leading after-sales service and a 3 year warranty. It is built to last with a full stainless steel housing, precision manufactured to ISO 9001:2009 and is available in 3 sizes to fit 2”, 4” and 6” pipes with PN 16 flanges. Can BoilerMag help you? Black sludge buildup is an inevitable process in all large cooling and heating systems. It reduces performance and efficiency and can cause premature valve and pump failure, damage to the boiler and even full system breakdown. If a system shows any of the following symptoms it is probably suffering the effects of black sludge. •Radiator cold spots •Poor circulation •Blocked pipes and radiators •Excessive noise •Inefficient operation •Frequent breakdowns •Premature pump wear Simply installing BoilerMag dramatically reduces these problems immediately.
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